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Our History

In 1946, G. Louis Vitale risked it all to found G&M Distributors, Inc. His first supplier was the Schlitz Brewery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Vitale named the company after his children: Guy, Margot, Mike, and Marcia.

Rising from its humble beginnings in Galesburg, Illinois the company expanded into various beverages and bottling companies. The company remains headquartered in Galesburg, with an additional location in Dixon, and now represents over 60 suppliers including Anheuser-Busch, The Gallo Family, PepsiCo, and many others.

Guy L. Vitale, Jr. served as the company’s General Manager from 1973 – 2010. He returned to the family business following time in the U.S. Peace Corps (Ecuador). Guy also spent time in St. Louis, MO as a history teacher and football coach, while obtaining an MBA from Washington University.

Guy and G&M were well known in the beverage industry and community. He had a reputation as a community servant. He donated his time and money to numerous local charities. The Knox County YMCA and Knox County United Way were two of Guy’s most passionate causes. In 2009, Guy received the community’s highest honor, the Thomas B. Herring Award.

G&M is currently finding success with the third generation at the helm. Adam G. Vitale is the current president of G&M. You can read more of Adam’s story here.

G&M serves a 24-county region in western and northern Illinois and remains family owned and operated. G&M is still true to its core values of taking care of its family of employees. The company continues to be an integral part of its community and consistently gives back.

At G&M, we’re proud of our family of employees, our history, and our community.