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Go Green

At G&M, we are always making efforts to reduce our carbon footprint in ways that are both useful for our distribution business and environmentally sustainable. We do this in three ways:

Internal Recycling

  • We recycle approximately 80% of our in-house waste, and we recycle all our in-house plastic “shrink” wraps.

Energy Conservation

  • Our warehouse and offices incorporate energy-efficient fluorescent lighting, and we run our fleet on biodiesel. Additionally, our warehouse remains warmed through efficient radiant heat. Even our fork trucks are electric!

Ongoing Green Research

  • We’re always looking for ideas on how to become more sustainable and how to restore the environment. We are currently exploring green sources of energy such as alternative fuel sources, hybrid technology, and water reclamation.
  • We also focus on our going green initiative with our sister company, Wildwoods Farms. Since 2001 we have planted over 70,000 trees and helped restore several acres of land near Maquon, IL.